Design Philosophy

Design is about cultivating potential energy in the viewer’s mind and pushing it to grow. It should inspire the observer by presenting a fresh perspective. And that’s part of the fun in any art – transplanting something trite and nurturing it into unique meaning and style.

As a designer, I’ve grown through practice and explicating others’ work. It’s useful to see how designers work and understand what makes their design flourish, how the viewer’s eye is guided around a piece, or why an object becomes the focus. Every detail deserves roots in justification.

Revision is one thing I like most about poetry and fiction. Design is no different. It takes constant reshaping – from generating ideas in sketches to refining them in roughs and constructing the final piece.

Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Part of the beauty of art is that you can carry it in your mind wherever you go. Concepts can stem from anything.

Design is an organic process, transplanting the viewer into a visual garden to explore and discover. The potential for a fresh perspective and good design are only an inspiration away.